Moving Hearts | About us
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About us

Charitable Status:

Kelly Perkins Moving Hearts Foundation is a nationally recognized 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, EIN 26-4598076. The foundation is located in Irvine, California, USA. The website is


Since 1996, before Moving Hearts Foundation was formed, Kelly and Craig have been working tirelessly with kids/adults, hospitals, foundations, communities, doctors, and major pharmaceutical companies from all over to make a difference. Support for their high profile projects have come from a variety of generous individuals as well as corporate sponsors, primarily Astellas (formerly Fujisawa), as well as others including Bristol-Myers Squibb and Roche Pharmaceuticals.

Moving is Believing:

The staunchest supporters of any movement are those who have witnessed or been personally touched by its mission. The challenge is to inspire others to reach that same level of commitment so they too recognize and are moved by the value of their contribution.

To reach the masses, the Foundation recognizes we have to do more than just share our message, but show our message, ultimately taking the exposure of organ donation from a fleeting media bounce to a tangible mainstream movement. Kelly and Craig have laid the groundwork for this type of change, as evidenced through their activities captured in various media venues around the world including print (newspapers and magazines),  radio,  television, and virally (social networking sites). Their ongoing commitment, along with your support, will take participation to new heights.

Board Members:

Louis Dumont, Angel Parker, Craig Perkins, Kelly Perkins

Advisory Board:

Dr.Jon Kobashigawa, MD; Jignesh Patel, MD, PhD; Eric Marton;  Lauren Ward-Larson

Board Bios

Moving Hearts Foundation

Was born in 2009 by heart recipient Kelly Perkins and her husband Craig.  Kelly’s post-transplant climbs around the world personify the spirit of living, inspiring and educating people from all walks of life on the value of good health and a purposeful future. The Foundation’s rallying cry is to Move Hearts, both literally and figuratively.

Fast Facts:


If you signed up at the DMV prior to 2006, you should register online.  Prior to that time, there was no official list. The online registry is better because often the donor card is not always on the person or available at the time of death.

“Donate Life celebrated 100 million registered donors in 2011, which means 42 percent of individuals age 18 and older are registered as organ, eye and tissue donors,” says David Fleming, President and CEO of Donate Life America. “With the majority of individuals in the United States wishing to be organ, eye and tissue donors, the biggest challenge to meeting our goal of 20 million will be getting people to take action and register today as an organ, eye and tissue donor at”

Please help us realize this goal.  Register now!

Financial support is important to help us Move Hearts, however, nothing Moves Hearts more than rolling up your sleeves and giving blood as well as registering to be an organ and tissue donor! Find the closest American Red Cross or American Blood Centers location near you to make an appointment to give blood. When it comes to organ donation, the sticker on your license is not enough. Register with your state and be sure to share your wish with your family.

Final Thought: Had I not committed to be a donor myself, I would have felt unworthy to be the recipient of my donor’s heart.  It’s something I don’t take lightly.  Register today and share your wishes with your family.